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About Ocicats

Wild look, intelligent loving personalities...

Ocicats originate from the pedigreed ancestry of the Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair with no wild cat mixed in. Careful interbreeding has resulted in a cat that looks like it just walked out of the jungle and, at the same time, blends incredible intelligence and deep affection for household companions.

These are interactive cats - always involved in the activities around them. Individuals are very bright and often train their caretakers to toss objects for a good game of fetch. Stories abound about those special Ocicats who have learned to open doors, cabinets and drawers. They typically have two spontaneous play times - morning and evening - and then, of course, whenever anyone produces an enticing toy.

Care of an Ocicat is the same as for any other domestic cat as they require only premium food, fresh water, a warm comfortable home, and lots of love. They start out their lives indoors and thrive exceptionally well in an indoor environment. Their sociable nature typically makes them less suited for being left alone for long periods of time. Generally, they do best with a companion cat to play with and then to curl up with, especially when the human family is away. Having a companion cat in no way dilutes the loving Ocicat disposition.

(The first Ocicat National Winner - owned and shown by Marilyn and Kelley Chung)


The first thing you will see about an Ocicat will be the spotted pattern on a sleek coat. When viewed from the side, the spotting should suggest a bullseye pattern. The coat is a short single coat that sheds twice each year, Spring and Fall.

Ocicats are shown in twelve spotted colors. There are also some "other varieties". Most common among them are the classics who display the lovely bullseye striped pattern common to American Shorthairs; the solids who are similar in appearance to panthers, displaying a more solid color with a "ghosting" of spots; and smokes displaying coloring similar to solids with white at the base of each hair near the skin. Show colors include the spotted:

Ebony Silver
Chocolate Silver
Cinnamon Silver
Blue Silver
Lavender Silver
Fawn Silver