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Welcome to Wild Rain Ocicats

located 20 minutes north of Sacramento, California

Yes, they are beautiful, but the best part about them is "who they are"!

This is our heartfelt reply when people react to seeing our Ocicats for the first time. These wonderful cats are bred to look very, very wild, but never come with unpredictable, wild behavior.

These beautiful cats provide the joy of being able to watch a wild looking cat walk through your house. That's wild looking without wild cat mixed in to make that look.   At the same time they are fully domestic interactive, playful friends who meet you at the door and participate in whatever activity engages you at any particular moment. They are indoor only and, in general, they are very social and do best when sharing their home with another cat. Please enjoy the walk through the photos and additional information made available to you on our web site.

Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

(staged outdoor shot)